Patient Education

Urologic Conditions & Our Treatments

Elevated PSA

  • diagnosis and evaluation
  • prostate biopsy

Prostate cancer


  • diagnosis and medical management

Male urinary symptoms/BPH

Kidney stones

Female incontinence and urinary symptoms

Overactive bladder

Kidney cancer

  • laparoscopy or open surgical treatment

Bladder cancer

  • TURBT (transurethral resection of the bladder tumor)
  • bladder instillation (BCG, MMC)

Sexual dysfunction/ED/impotence/premature ejaculation

  • medical and surgical management

Male infertility

  • evaluation and management
  • varicocele repair
  • microsurgical repair
  • hydrocele surgical repair

Yrethral strictures

  • cystoscopic and open surgical repair

Penile phimosis/uncircumcised

  • circumcision

Bladder prolapse

  • physical therapy
  • minimally invasive surgical therapy
  • surgical therapy

Interstitial cystitis

  • evaluation and medical management 


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